The Best Delicatessen on the Gold Coast?

best Delicatessen Gold Coast is at Ambarella Fine FoodsThat’s what our customers tell us about our Gold Coast Delicatessen. We have interstate customers from Melbourne telling us that it’s like shopping at home!

Let the team at Ambarella take the headache out of your entertaining and catering. We provide an extensive range of the finest gourmet delights and deli platters for your event, party, or special occasion.

In consultation with our deli specialist’s, you’ll choose what is just right for your gathering and if we don’t have a particular product in stock that you love, we are happy to order it in for you. Some of the products on offer are:

  • an extensive range of fresh dips from Roza’s Gourmet and Fresh FodderAustralian cheese delicatessen Gold Coast
  • gluten-free products including crackers
  • our cheesemonger’s artisan cheeses from Australia and all around the world
  • a variety of freshly marinated olives to our secret recipes

Gold Coast Deli Stocks Artisan Cheese From Australia and Around The World

At Ambarella Fine Foods we stock a variety of the highest quality cheese in our Delicatessen sourced from Australia and around the world. Our cheesemonger includes some of the most sought after and finest cheese varieties available. Varieties of goat cheese, sheep cheese and cows cheese are pre-packed or buy by weight.

Saint Angel cheese Burleigh deliIf you’re catering for a VIP business function, or want to treat your guests, or yourself, to a gastronomical experience, visit or contact us to see what we have in stock. In the unlikely event we don’t have a product in stock that you love, then we are more than happy to order it for you. Some of our most popular varieties are listed here.

English Cheese

Cropwell British StiltonEnglish Cheese Blue Stilton at Gold Coast Delicatessen

This stilton originates from the village of Cropwell Bishop in Nottinghamshire, this slightly piquant, blue-veined cheese is made from cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet. It has a crumbly texture that dissolves on the tongue, releasing a rich, creamy flavour. Fantastic with a glass of your favourite port.

French Cheese


Emmenthal Cheese from the best delicatessen Gold CoastMade in the town of Franche–Comte where the cows graze in luscious alpine meadows just as nature intended. The pure grass is said to be the secret behind the super-rich, creamy milk produced by the cows.

It takes between 700 to 1000 litres of milk to make a 70kg Emmental. Find out for yourself whether it’s the walnut-size holes in Emmental that makes this holy cheese taste divine.

It’s slightly sweet and chewy and stretches like mozzarella when toasted in a wrap or sandwich. Or, enjoy its rich creaminess served at room temperature with crackers and fruit.

Mon Pere Brie

This particular brie is from Normandy. A classic brie with a mild, mushroomy flavour with this more mature brie having an oozy centre. It is made from rich and creamy cow’s milk and traditionally served with a crusty baguette or crackers.

Papillion Black Label RoquefortRoquefort Cheese from the Deli Gold Coast

Made in the small village of Roquefort-Sur-Soulzon, in the south of France. There is a special art-form in making this blue-veined pungent cheese.

It’s made from raw sheep’s milk and infused with mould that is specially grown on rye bread. The cheese is stored in the Fleurines natural caves that provide the perfect dampness to formulate the ageing process. If you enjoy strongly flavoured cheese that bursts with unusual flavour, then you must try Roquefort.

Italian Cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Italian food Gold CoastFrom the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano is your perfect Parmesan. This special cheese takes 18 to 24 months to mature, making it hard, salty, and slightly crumbly. This gives it just the right amount of sharpness.

Best used freshly shaved or grated to give your favourite Italian dishes that special edge.

Aged Pecorino

From southern Italy, in the regions of Lazio and Sardinia comes Aged Pecorino. A Pecorino Cheese Gold Coast Italian Foodvery hard, salty cheese similar to Parmesan and used freshly grated or shaved on your favourite Italian dishes.

It is made from sheep’s milk giving it a slightly different flavour than Parmesan.

Matured Pavalone (Piccante)

One of the most famous Italian cheeses from the region of Veneto, in Italy. It has a waxy texture and has been matured for at least twelve months, giving it a slightly piquant flavour.

It is usually served as part of an antipasto selection, or sliced for gourmet sandwiches.


Gold Coast Delicatessen Taleggio CheeseFrom the region of Lombardy, in Italy. Taleggio is a soft cheese, similar to Camembert in that the centre is oozy and creamy.

It has a buttery, sweet, slightly acidic flavour with a truffle aftertaste and a lovely aroma that develops during ageing.

Grana Padano

From the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy, Grana Padano cheese is the perfect cheese for grating over all your favourite Italian dishes.

It’s sharp, salty taste is all that’s needed to spice up any meal. Similar to Parmesan, it should be freshly shaved or grated as needed to ensure it’s optimum taste.

Swiss Cheese

Fromart Swiss GruyereAmbarella Deli Gold Coast Swiss Gruyere Cheese

From the mountains of Switzerland, Gruyere is made from rich, alpine raw cow’s milk. It’s slightly sweet and nutty with a hint of caramel flavouring.

If you’re planning to host a fondue party then this top-quality cheese will be sure to have your guests in a gastronomical trance.

Cheese from Cyprus


A traditional cheese from Cyprus, it is known as the perfect cheese for BBQs as it has a high melting point making it excellent for baking, grilling or frying until golden and crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

Perfect served with a squeeze of lemon. This stretchy cheese is matured in brine, giving it a salty taste.

Spanish Cheese


Manchego Cheese Italian Deli Gold CoastFrom the region of La Mancha, in Spain. Manchego is made from sheep’s milk and can be aged for up to three years in natural caves. It is a delectable cheese, slightly salty and crumbly.

The flavour varies depending on how long it has been left to mature. It is traditionally served as a tapas selection.

*Also a must-try in the Delicatessen is our Truffle Manchego with decadent black truffle running through the cheese.

Australian Cheese

Simon Johnson’s Black Wax CheddarSimon Johnson Black Wax Cheddar for deli platters

Proudly made in Victoria, Australia. A delicious multi-award winning English style cheddar that has been matured for 12 months on wooden racks. It is a firm cheese with a slightly crumbly texture and sharp tangy flavour.

Pyengana Cheddar

Made at Jon Healey’s Dairy Company in the Pyengana Valley, Tasmania. Jon’s award-winning cheddars are hand-made using top-quality cow’s milk. The flavour depends on maturity and also comes infused in herbs and seasonings.

American Cheese

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon American Cheese deli platters Gold CoastMade by the Cypress Grove Creamery in Northern California. Midnight Moon is made from 100% goat’s milk which has been matured for up to 12 months. The taste is exquisite with salty caramel undertones and a nutty, brown-buttery flavour that melts in your mouth.

If can’t see your favourite cheese listed the reason for that is we stock over 200 different kinds of cheese from Australia and Around the World. If your favourite cheese isn’t in-stock we are more than happy to add it to our range. Just ask one of our Deli specialists.


Olives deli Gold CoastOur house-made Ambarella Olive Mix is the most popular olive selection at the deli. Plump Kalamata olives and meaty Colossal olive are a favourite too. Especially the marinated varieties of Balsalmic and Fennel Kalamata’s and Garlic and Lemon Colossal’s.

Colossal olives stuffed with goat cheese, chilli and garlic are also available from the deli.

Choose from a small, medium or large container.

Charcuterie-Deli MeatCharcuterie Platter Gold Coast

We stock Australian and International salami, hams and speciality meats including tender roast beef, Dutch beef and the famous Iberico ham at a great price.

Of course, a delicatessen wouldn’t be a deli without Procuittio, especially San Danielle and Jamon, Spanish ham. Our cold meats and small goods are mainly sourced from local producers and suppliers on the Gold Coast.

Australian certified Kazanowski leg ham is cured with the bone in ensuring a smooth woody flavour rather than a sharp smokehouse flavour. It’s our most popular leg ham and is sliced fresh every day in the deli. Full and half hams are available for purchase, order yours for Christmas and Easter.

Pre-packed meats are sliced in-house and cryovaced for your convenience or you ask for freshly sliced and can buy by weight.deli meat Gold Coast

You will also find a variety of delicious pate` from the Barossa Valley and local hand made duck, goose and salmon pate` in the deli fridges.

Not sure if you would like a type of cheese or deli meat? Ask one of our Delicatessen specialists for a taste test next time you are in store.

Eves Smallgoods

Made and cured locally, our smallgood range is steadily growing from this Currumbin Valley supplier of continental meats and gourmet sausages. Our range includes

  • Kransky’s
  • Smoked Staropolska Sausage
  • Bratwurst German Sausage
  • White Puddings
  • Black Puddings
  • Polish Ring Sausage
  • Polish Bratwurst
  • Continental Franks
  • Liverwurst
  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Weisswurst
  • Chipolatas

Brands in our Deli Fridge

Roza's Gourmet Gold Coast deliWe carry the full range and the largest range on the Gold Coast of Brisbane based and Australian owned Roza’s Gourmet products including:

  • Dips
  • Pestos
  • Chutneys
  • Dressings
  • Mayonnaises
  • Chilli Sauces
  • Vegan products
  • Soups
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan crackers
  • Free-Range Chicken and Beef Broths

Other brands and fresh deli products we stock include:

  • Fresh Fodder
  • Olive Branch
  • Soup
  • Byron Bay Pizzas

Plus many, many more! Pop into our store, grab a coffee from the cafe and take a look.