Gourmet Butcher

Beef and Lamb from the Butcher

best butcher Gold CoastAs a meat lover, you know when you taste a fine cut of meat. Ambarella’s butchers only source the best quality meat to ensure you have the freshest and tastiest meat possible.

You’ll notice a difference the moment you taste our meat, there is a distinct difference from the prepackaged meat from supermarket and butcher chains.

Our butcher sources meat from Cape Grim and Cape Grim source only the finest cattle from Flinders and King Islands. The cattle graze on rich pastures in a pristine environment. So good, you’ll taste the difference.

best lamb Gold CoastAmbarella’s lamb is sourced from Tasmania too and is grass-fed. Often, Lee, our head butcher will have a cut on special for the week. It purely depends on what cut he sources at the time. No matter what though, you’ll be assured you’ll be eating a tender succulent cut of lamb.


Chicken portions, including drumsticks, wings, thighs and breasts are available from our butcher. Our fresh chicken is sourced locally and carved in the butchery.

We also stock a variety of flavours from Luv-a-Duck plus plain and whole ducks.

Other Items We Stock

We carry a wide variety of animal protein, including;best Sausages Gold Coast

  • Quails
  • Poussins
  • Whole eye fillets
  • Rack of lamb
  • Legs of lamb
  • Lamb shoulder
  • Whole Ducks
  • Legs of pork
  • Bacon hocks
  • Premium beef mince
  • Housemade Gluten Free sausages


SeafoodFresh salmon available at the Butcher

Our wild-caught salmon is caught in the unspoiled waters of New Zealand. Order a whole side of salmon for that special occasion or simply buy by the piece.

We also stock wild-caught Barramundi from Humpty Doo.

Our frozen Prawns, Whiting, portion-sized Barramundi, Thai Fish Cakes and Seafood Chowder are from Noosa Seafoods.

Ready-Made Meals

Ready made meals from the ButcherNo time to cook during the week? Now you have with our Butchers ready-made meals! Delicious and ready to go, simply pop onto an oiled tray and into your pre-heated oven.

The flavours change weekly and include Beef Wellingtons, Chicken Pinwheels, Chicken and Leek, Lemon Chicken.best butcher Gold Coast

Our ready-made pastries are available to mix and match for any 4 for $20. But you better be quick!

Need a certain cut of meat or poultry for a special lunch or dinner? While you are in-store have a chat to Lee or John and they’ll make sure you’ll be serving the very best.